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Below is the item key for the following list. Either I'll have a physical copy, scans/ebooks, both, or I'll have only a part of a set in either format. Anything I own will (eventually) have a link to a page with more details on the item(s), such as alternate versions, issue covers, storylines, release dates, ISBNs, tracklists, and anything else that may be worth noting.

It goes without saying, but this page is always going to be updating!

own physical own digital own both own partially


Shinshoban 1-22
Wideban 1-11
Bunkoban 1-11
My First Big 1-10
My First Big Special 1-7
English 1-2
Viz Comic 1-12
Italian 1-22
Special Edition
Patlabor 2: The Movie
Patlabor WXIII


Wind Speed 40 Meters Per Second
Syntax Error
Third Mission
Blackjack Part 1
Blackjack Part 2
Tokyo War
Bankuruwase: Keishi-cho Keibi-bu Tokushu Sharyo Ni-ka
The Next Generation: Tasukuba No Yuutsu
The Next Generation: Akira No Ashita
The Next Generation: Shiroi Kasha
The Next Generation: Akai Kasha
The Next Generation Tokyo War: Hairo No Yurei
Patlabor No Himitsu